Building on Distinction


We have the energy and momentum to elevate Brown to the next level of excellence for the next decade and beyond.

Brown is a community with the talent, leadership and diversity of thought and experience to sustain rigorous inquiry. We continue to foster innovation, collaboration and discovery across fields of study and to make targeted investments in programs that provide community benefits, locally and globally.

Here are just a few of the many examples of the important work being accomplished at Brown. 

Attracting Exceptional Talent

We continue to cultivate a community of faculty, students and staff with the diversity and breadth of experience required for excellence and to provide members of this community with the opportunities and resources needed for success. 

Elevating Educational Leadership

Brown is elevating its position as a leader in undergraduate, graduate and medical education through innovative approaches to teaching and learning that prepare students for lives of “usefulness and reputation” in the 21st century.

Cultivating Creative Expression

At Brown, the creative arts are tightly integrated into the liberal arts. We are fostering an environment where artists operating at the highest levels learn from and inform scholars and students across the campus.

Understanding the Human Brain

A vast, passionate team of Brown scientists, engineers and others is working to probe the secrets of the brain and identify treatments and cures for some of the world’s most devastating diseases. In 2018 a $100 million gift established the Carney Institute for Brain Science as one of the best-endowed brain institutes in the nation.

Sustaining Life on Earth

Brown leverages interdisciplinary expertise to advance knowledge about environmental change and its consequences in order to train future leaders and provide support for people and societies most vulnerable to climate change.

Creating Peaceful, Just and Prosperous Societies

Economic, political and cultural development — as well as security and diplomacy — are all critical for establishing and sustaining peaceful, just and prosperous societies. Brown integrates rigorous scholarship and education with active engagement in the world of international and public affairs.

Exploring Human Experience

Brown is internationally recognized for its distinguished record of innovation in the humanities. Learning from the historical record, analyzing present conditions and comprehending our future possibilities are fundamental to the University’s mission and its contributions to society.

Using Science and Technology to Improve Lives

The development of new technology is critical to human progress, and Brown is at the forefront of discovery in areas such as computing, nanoscience and bioengineering. Our plan for enhancing the study of science, engineering and technology emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to innovation, grounded in a broad understanding of local and global needs.

Deciphering Disease

With Brown’s Warren Alpert Medical School and the Program in Biology, we are building synergies with faculty across the campus and at our partner hospitals to create the knowledge on which new therapies can be based and health professionals can be educated to benefit people in Rhode Island and around the world.

Improving Population Health

Improving human health requires an integrated approach to understanding the causes of disease and translating that knowledge into new modes of diagnosis, treatment and, ultimately, prevention — from bench to bedside to community.

Advancing Computational and Data Sciences

The role of computational and data sciences in modern society has dramatically increased over the last several decades, ushering with it an explosive demand for fluency in computational thinking among our graduates. Brown researchers continue to push the boundaries of computation and data sciences.

Catalyzing Entrepreneurship at Brown

Casper. 305 Fitness. Nantucket Nectars. Away Travel. RUNA. Virgin Pulse. Behind each of those names, you’ll find an entrepreneur who learned the tools of the trade at Brown. While the University has long been fertile ground for creating ambitious solutions to challenges, the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, launched in 2016, is taking that to the next level.

Supporting a Thriving Community

Brown is a community that discovers and learns, conducts research and teaches classes, recruits students and faculty, and also mentors, forms networks and serves as ambassadors and examples of the impact Brown University makes in the world. Brown is strengthening the resources and initiatives that make all of this possible.

Amplifying the Student-Athlete Experience

Brown has a long-held commitment to the success of its scholar athletes. More than $100 million in fundraising for Brown Athletics is funding state-of-the-art facilities for teaching, training and competition; top coaches who serve as teachers and mentors; and equipment, travel and support for over 900 students who participate in Brown’s 38 varsity teams.

Building the Campus

We are reinvigorating our physical campus both on College Hill and in the Jewelry District, strengthening our ties to our city and state, and creating a robust virtual campus that enhances connections between members of the Brown community around the world.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Carefully chosen collaborations and partnerships are more important than ever to universities. Successful partnerships with outstanding organizations enhance Brown’s reputation and extend its reach. Brown is devoting increased attention to the cultivation and stewardship of these partnerships.

Advancing Operational Excellence

Brown is committed to an efficient and effective organization in which all members of the community can thrive.The collective strength of our budget operations and investment management, along with the generosity of our amazing donors, allows the University to advance its highest aspirations.



Looking Ahead

Brown continues to pursue the investments and align the resources needed to achieve its bold vision. We are attracting the most talented and promising faculty, students and staff from across the globe to Brown. We are identifying new ways to advance knowledge through rigorous scholarship; prepare creative, capable and ethical global leaders. And we continue to cultivate a culture of deep intellectual curiosity and collaboration that is central to developing solutions to the world’s complex challenges.